Blackjack Sit and Go Tournaments

Blackjack sit-and-go tournaments are one of the most popular tournament types available to players today. Like any other tournament, several players compete against one another and, in the end, the last person standing--or sitting, in this case--takes the prize.

Single Table Sit-and-Go Tournaments

This is the simplest type of sit-and-go tournament available to black jack players. The tournaments take place at single tables that can accommodate up to eight players. All of these players must pay a tournament entry fee in order to take part in the tournament; each player is then provided with an equal bankroll to play with. After a pre-determined number of hands have been played, the player with the smallest bankroll is eliminated. These tournaments are a process of elimination and the last person left seated at the table takes the prize.

Multiple Table Sit-and-Go Tournaments

Tournaments hosted by larger venues--or those that are televised--are usually multiple table tournaments. Although there is no limit on the number of tables that can be used, the standard is two or three. The elimination process works the same with multiple tables, except that the players left seated at the tables can combine to create new tables. The tournament will continue until there is only one player left--this is the winner.

Blackjack Sit-and-Go tournaments are incredibly exciting and provide players with a brand new way to test their blackjack skills against other experienced players. While there is usually an entry fee involved, the experience is one that will certainly last a lifetime.

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